Posted by: bustercootz | September 6, 2008

Better is still Better

The Better booklet is free from participating doctors, diabetes educators, diabetes clinics, insulin pump manufacturers reps and my mom.

The Better booklet is free from participating doctors, diabetes educators, diabetes clinics, insulin pump manufacturers reps and my mom.

A few days ago I sent off the 400,000th copy of Better Is Better.
Better Is Better is a booklet I created that describes why you are nuts to be taking multiple daily injections for your insulin-dependent diabetes. Excuse me for saying it, given that I don’t know you, but someone had to say it.

Your friends won’t tell you. That’s the only you they know. The nuts one.

So I will tell you: Quit the shots, for godssake.

When I finally got up enough guts to give up the stupid shots for the pump, I was astounded at how good it was. My fantastic and insightful endocrinologist told me at the time, after I switched to the pump, “People don’t go on the pump,” he said, “Because they don’t know.”
“Don’t know what?” I said.
“Don’t know how good it is.”

He was right. I didn’t know. I thought the insulin pump was just a different way of doing the same thing: blindly riding the roller coaster of highs and lows, waiting for some health disaster to strike, listening to the health professionals tell you you weren’t being a very good diabetic. And, it turned out, as my doctor and many others told me, too few others knew either.

So I asked, “why the hell doesn’t everyone know about the BEST AVAILABLE TREATMENT FOR INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES?”

Because no one tells them.

Well, that is not entirely true. The insulin pump company marketing departments tell them: “The pump is GREAT!”
Who would trust a marketing departments? Marketing departments once told us: “SUVs are GREAT!” Actually they are still telling us that, but we are slowly wising up.
Doctors tell them: “The pump is probably a better treatment option for your Type I diabetes. You might want to consider it.”
That sounded pretty lukewarm.
So we people with diabetes are told, but maybe not in a way that anyone would be inclined to believe.

There are many reasons why you might not consider an insulin pump. But one of them should not be because no one ever told you it was the right thing to do.

Really all my life I had always been hoping someone would say to me about diabetes treatment:

Sometimes you don’t mind the shouting if those shouting know what they are talking about. Given that level of enthusiasm, I probably would have at least looked into it with some seriousness. But no one was saying enough, or the right things, to all the people who needed to hear it. Like me.

So, long story, but I figured I should be the one to shout at everyone who needed to hear it: GET OFF THE SHOTS. GET ONTO THE INSULIN PUMP.

You will not look back.

And that is why I wrote the book on “The Obstinate and Ignorant Guide to Waiting Forever Before Finally Switching To The Best Available Treatment for Insulin-Dependent Diabetes”, or, as it is also known, BETTER IS BETTER.

Because you, or someone you love, need to hear it. Even if the insulin pump improves your life just a little bit, you owe that to yourself. Good is good, and Better Is Better and you should take it if you can get it.